Tidiness at the point of sale

 In Shopping Baskets

Tidiness and cleanliness at store entrances and the point of sale area are essential to creating a positive image of your store. A tidy entrance area with easy access to baskets and trolleys create a positive first impression and favourable emotional state among shoppers. If products are not tidily displayed on shelves and equipment is not neatly stored this can negatively affect perception from customers.

Tidiness at the point of sale encourages:

  • A positive shopping experience and, as a result, a better brand image.
  • Customers want to spend longer in store.
  • Customers want to return to the store. 

It is also important to remember that tidiness and organisation at the point of sale is equal to safety. Keeping aisles, check-outs or emergency exits clear is essential. From the point of view of worker safety, the company has to provide all the necessary facilities so that  workers are not at risk of injury when tidying and cleaning, especially if the tasks involve moving loads.

Smart Cart is very much aware of the importance of tidiness at the point of sale, and for this reason we offer retailers durable and stable basket-stands to ensure that baskets are kept neatly stacked and easily-accessible at the entrance to the store.


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