65L Shopping Basket

65-liter Shop & Roll is the only two- colour single-piece basket on the market.

  • Maximum freedom of movement at point of sale
  • Improves the shopping experience
  • Versatility for different types of shopping
  • Refreshes the image of the establishment

The 65 L. plastic Shopping basket is easy to handle and maneuver and can be pushed or pulled with one or both hands for effortless shopping. A wide, flat base provides greater space for groceries and makes it easier for shoppers to organize and arrange their purchases, reducing the risk of items getting broken in the process.

Greater resistance guarantees greater durability with a fully reinforced handle that makes the entire basket stronger and extends its useful life in stores.
It’s available on eight standard models. Customized colours are available on request.

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Pantone 287 C
Pantone 375 C
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