52L Shopping Basket

The biggest capacity solution that is perfect for bulky items. The features that make this the best plastic shopping basket on the market in its segment are: its ergonomic design, its mobility, durability and silent wheels.

A rolling basket that is suitable for different sectors that require a squarer shape, able to adapt to all types of products. This versatility makes it the ideal shopping basket on wheels for any type of shop or store that needs to offer users more space without any loss of convenience.

The 52L is available in 4 standard colours. Customized basked colours are also available on request.

The black basket is made 100% from recycled materials,reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. It has the same technical and mechanical qualities as the standard baskets but is environment-friendlier.

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Pantone 287 C
Pantone 375 C
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