34L Shopping Basket

Shop & Roll 34 L, the most revolutionary shopping basket in terms of value and capacity. It helps to make shopping a much easier task. Its excellent ergonomic design, great mobility, reliable materials, strength and silent wheels make the whole shopping process a much more satisfying experience. Its 34 L capacity is optimal for both shoppers and the storekeepers.

Ideal for different retail outlets: supermarkets, selfservice shops and convenience stores. Its capacity makes it suitable for a whole range of sectors: food, textile, toys, electronic appliances, general merchandise, sports

The 34L is available in 3 standard colours. Customized basked colours are also available on request.

The black basket is made 100% from recycled materials,reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. It has the same technical and mechanical qualities as the standard baskets but is environment-friendlier.

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Pantone 287 C
Pantone 375 C
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